Feral Karma Chameleon

Feral Brewing (CCEP)

Published June 20, 2014

The Crafty Pint's younger brother was born while Karma Chameleon was number one in the British charts and here at Crafty Towers we tend to enjoy hoppy dark ales. And now Feral has released a hoppy dark ale - a massive one at that - called Karma Chameleon. Spooky! What can it mean? That our dreams will be red, gold and green? That we'll develop a smack habit, move to New York, become a Hari Krishna then undergo a transformation into a moderately talented but popular-on-the-house-circuit DJ? Or that we'll get to enjoy a bigger version of one of the first and best black IPAs / India black ales to come out of Oz? Either way, it's a future full of exciting possibilities, as this "Karma Citra turned up to 11" lands on taps around the country, mixing "a solid malt backbone of chocolate, coffee and liquorice from a small addition of rye" with plenty of bitterness and dry hopped with "a silly amount of Citra hops" for a tropical fruit and citrus aroma. According to Feral: "Karma Chameleon has nothing to do with Boy George, nor will it give you any positive Karma. In all actuality you may just end up dancing like Rick Astley." Which we do anyway so nothing to fear here!

Imperial India Black Ale

On keg going to each of:

Sail & Anchor

Old Faithful - WA

The Pour House - WA

The Alehouse Project

The Terminus

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