Hobart Brewing Co Brett Saison 2018

Hobart Brewing Company

Published June 26, 2018

Plenty of brewers love them and keep producing a variety of them. You'll find many beer-loving chefs singing their praises and no shortage of drinkers professing a soft spot for such beers too. And yet, despite their suitability for the Australian climate, saisons remain a tough sell, with some brewers who've tried putting one in their core range ultimately giving up the ghost. Thankfully, returning to the start of this paragraph, plenty of brewers love them and keep producing a variety of them, among them Hobart Brewing Co.

For winter 2018, they've added a Brett Saison to their collection and it's one that sits a fair way away from the Brett saisons that have come out of their Tasmanian buddies Bruny Island Beer this year. While that distinctive straw / hay Brettanomyces aroma is very present, the beer is far less feisty than you might expect, presenting more as a table beer to be served at dinner around a rough hewn slab of timber in a barn in northern France. Delicate, perhaps even dainty.

Brett Saison
Hobart Brewing Company

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