Hobart Brewing Co Tascadian Dark Ale 2020

Hobart Brewing Company

Released July 21, 2020

Hobart Brewing Co are well known in Tasmania for putting on amazing mini-festivals, events and gigs at their brewery. They are also recognised as one of the most reliable producers of consistent beers in the state, something reflected in their regular schedule of recurring seasonal releases. When things get cold and dark in Tassie (walking the dog on the beach on the weekend in shorts was one of my braver moves of late) it’s great to be able to turn to something dark and still hoppy. Enter: The 2020 iteration of HBC’s Tascadian Dark Ale.

A generous dosage of local Cascade hops (alongside Simcoe and Amarillo) put the TAS in this Cascadian Dark Ale / Black IPA / whichever style name you prefer. A fresh, floral nose and velvety mouthfeel (the colours and carbonation levels are just right for some creative beertography) are joined by a wonderful interplay of sweetness from the roasted malts and lingering bitterness from the hops.

Definitely one to sip and enjoy when you can’t decide if you want something dark or something hoppy from your next beer. After all, why not both?

Dorian Broomhall

Black IPA

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Hobart Brewing Company

16 Evans Street
Macquarie Point
TAS 7000

0423 550 311
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Wed & Thurs: 3pm to 8.30pm
Friday: 3pm to 10pm
Saturday: 2pm to 10pm
Sunday: 2pm to 5.30pm


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