Hobart Brewing Company Hops In The Rye IPA

Hobart Brewing Company

Published April 5, 2020

Rye IPAs are a rare breed these days. Yet, as the weather turns colder (especially down in the deep south of Tasmania) the promise of a knock off with a bit of substance you can sit with becomes increasingly appealing. Enter Hops In The Rye, Hobart Brewing Co's 300th batch of beer.

Pouring a warm, golden rust colour with light spice on the nose, you are met with a medium bitterness that sits well with the dryness of the rye. The herbal notes from the hops then join in the fun, leaving a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

Not as sweet or caramel driven as a red IPA, Hops in the Rye is instead ideal for someone missing the once common firm bitterness of IPAs before juice and haze became order of the day.

Dorian Broomhall

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