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Mash Brewing

Published August 22, 2019

Mash Brewing decided to plunder the realms of the hottest yeast in town for their Perth Craft Beer Festival beer in 2019. They used the Loki kveik strain from Norway to create the aptly named Techno Viking Kveik IIPA.

If you're wondering who or what a Techno Viking is, the brewery has provided a handy QR code on the can that takes you to the classic YouTube video; and, given this Viking is part of their Brewers Series, the can features the brewer who designed the beer as the Techno Viking.

Once you've got the liquid out of the can, you'll find a hazy orange drop with aromas of nectarine, apricot and dank pine. The yeast and hop combinations create over-ripe mango, orange and peach flavours backed up by a solid malt backbone. This truly is an epic mash-up worthy of Berlin's Fuckparade while the 8 percent ABV may have you dusting off your glow sticks and whistles – or simply stripping to your waist and giving it some.

Mike Cridge

Kveik IIPA
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