Mash Brewing Peaches & Ice Cream "Beer"

Mash Brewing

Published September 8, 2022

Is it a beer or is it a smoothie? That is the question Mash Brewing have us pondering with their latest creation, Peaches & Ice Cream “Beer”.

Milk Bar series number 3 was made with 200kg of peach purée – yes, they came from a can! – added to a creamy vanilla sour base, meaning you can expect the hefty lactose and vanilla additions to assist in bringing the nostalgia of that childhood dessert. Aiding them is the artwork, which looks like 80s cans of tinned fruit and a play on the SPC / Mash Brewing logos.

The beer pours a creamy off-white, not the colour you expect from a beer, perhaps, yet the fresh peach and vanilla aromas offer some enticement to explore further. The consistency is that of a fruit smoothie, the flavours of peaches and cream are fresh and inviting. The premise here is to have fun and enjoy it for what it is: a novelty Beer, rather than trying to overanalyse things.

This is a dessert in a can, and I'm quite happy to go back for seconds.

Mike Cridge

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