3 Ravens Mango Creamsicle

3 Ravens

Published October 2, 2020

It seems remarkable it's only three-and-a-half years since Sailors Grave released Australia's first cream sour as we prepare for a spring a summer laced with them. 3 Ravens even have a series dedicated to them, with this Mango offering already their second of the latter half of 2020.

Less daft than the Thiccc Milkshake IPA that preceded it by a week, but still in the realm of shark-jumping complete with triple salchow, this fruit cream twist on their Acid sour sits amidships in mango’s sweet and fleshy side with the beer's sourness mainly down to the lacto rather than the titular fruit’s occasional tendency to get a little whiffy. Perceived bitterness is pretty high and when combined with the mango's tartness plus the base beer's acidity and carbonation, it makes for a rather sharper affair than the Raspberry Lemonade version out a few weeks prior.

James Smith

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