Little Creatures East Kent Goldings

Little Creatures (Lion/Kirin)

Published February 11, 2011

hey seem to like bucking the trend at Little Creatures. First their Pale (or Live as it was then) introduced the Aussie beer drinking world to US style hoppy pales. And now, while everyone else is using their limited releases to create something wild and crazy, they're firing out rather more traditional beers under their Single Batch banner, such as the Oatmeal Stout and now this, the East Kent Goldings Ale. It's a single hop affair, using the classic English hop that features in some of their other recipes for both bittering and aroma. Copper coloured with a small off white head like the traditional English bitters it's based on (although carbonated for bottling unlike those you'd get from the hand pump in the UK), it's the earthy side of the hops that really come through - a touch of rustic woodiness there too. Once they appear in the mouth, they take on a spicy character, adding a bit of zing to a bitterness that lingers longer than you might expect from just 30 IBUs.

English Bitter
30 IBU

Little Creatures Dining Hall

Little Creatures, Freo

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Little Creatures (Lion/Kirin)

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