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Brew Beer For Ballistic

Posted June 17, 2020

​Ballistic Beer are growing fast and have a lot of beer to brew. As a result, the team is hiring an assistant brewer.

Brix Are Hiring A Distiller (NSW)

Posted June 16, 2020

​Australia has a long history with rum, with the drink so prevalent during the early years of the NSW colony it was used as currency. Sydney's Brix Distillers bring a modern approach to Australian rum and are hiring a distiller.

Cheeky Monkey Are Hiring A Venue Manager (WA)

Posted June 15, 2020

Now their Caves Road home is open once more post-shutdown, the Cheeky Monkey Brewery crew are hiring a venue manager. If you'd like to join one of the Margaret River region's leading breweries, read on...

Bring Akasha's Beers To The People (NSW)

Posted June 11, 2020

Akasha are looking for someone to help them get their beers to fans across Greater Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and the Blue Mountains – literally. If you're an indie beer-loving driver and warehouse manager, get in touch.

Burleigh Brewing Are Adding To Their Cellar Team

Posted June 9, 2020

​Burleigh Brewing are pioneers of craft beer on the Gold Coast, launching back in 2007. If you'd like to join them, they're adding to their cellar and fermentation team.

Cheeky Monkey Are Hiring A Sales Rep

Posted June 9, 2020

WA's Cheeky Monkey have been busy with new beers flying from the brewery at a steady rate of knots. If you want to help sell those beers, the team is looking to hire a new sales rep focusing on the Perth metro area.

Philter Brewing Are Hiring A Lead Brewer

Posted June 5, 2020

After a long search, Philter found a home in Marrickville last year and from July, the crew hope to be welcoming beer drinkers through the doors. Before that day comes, there's a lot of beer to brew and so Philter are hiring a lead brewer.

Future Mountain Are Hiring A Melbourne Sales Rep

Posted June 4, 2020

Since launching little more than a year ago, Melbourne's Future Mountain Brewing and Blending​ have focused on brewing farmhouse style, mixed ferment and fruited beers. If you want to get them into drinker's hands, they're hiring.

Alchemy Brewing Are Hiring Bar Staff

Posted June 2, 2020

Alchemy Brewing opened their Lygon Street taproom at the end of 2019 but the COVID-19 closures meant they were only open for three months. The venue is reopening on June 3 and, as a result, they're looking to take on new bar staff.

All Inn Brewing Are Hiring A Brewer

Posted May 15, 2020

​All Inn Brewing Co​ have been operating since 2012 in Brisbane's north and brew a colourful range of beers that sell in equally eye-catching cans. Right now, they're looking to add another brewer to their tight-knit brew family.


Fermentis by Lesaffre
Fermentis by Lesaffre

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Rockstar Brewer

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Bogs Footwear

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Yakima Chief Hops

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Growler Depot
Growler Depot

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