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For most aspiring brewers, simply turning your beery dreams into commercial reality is effort enough. But Jason Harris and Craig Basford decided they were going to do more than just brew the beers they’d been concocting in their man shed for years: they wanted to bring others along with them.

So, more than a decade after they’d started making beer together in a rented farmer’s shed in the Barossa (complete with Scalextric set and a mechanics pit that allowed them to control fermentation temperatures), when Big Shed Brewing Concern became a reality it came with an invitation to their peers: if you’re looking for somewhere to brew, we’ve got the space for you.

Taking an approach similar to that of Cavalier in Melbourne’s west, they established their business in Adelaide's Royal Park as a form of communal brewery. Sure, they would brew their own beers on their 10 hectolitre system but the offer was there to other South Australian brewers looking for a home to rent some steel and use the brewery for their own means. The idea was to give something back to the wider home brewing community they were a part of (and, presumably, to help them start paying off the costs of the brewery).

Steadily, the Big Shed was filled with tenants, first and most notably the Mismatch Brewing Company, while slowly but surely Jason and Craig began establishing Big Shed as a brand in its own right. First up in early 2014 was the American brown ale FrankenBROWN, soon followed by the F-Yeah APA. Then, as the business continued to grow, in came brewers from elsewhere to help them improve their existing beers and develop new ones as they turned their focus onto the venue side of the business.

As of early 2015, that was fully up and running too, with the front half of their shed turned into a brewery bar that’s in keeping with the industrial location and feel. Built by their mates at Grand Kitchens, it features all manner of reclaimed materials, not least some timber that formerly made up part of the Adelaide Oval. It’s a place where guests can sample their beers, including single keg experiments, as well as those being brewed on site by others, with the six taps lining a bar right in front of the brewery.

They've since started taking their colourfully attired beers further and wider across the country, winning fans wherever they go, not least from stunts such as driving a keg of IPA through the night as soon as it was packaged to Bitter Phew in Sydney to be tapped "Fresh as Phuck".

The Big-ness keeps on getting biglier too following news in early 2018 that SA government funds were going towards a massive expansion that will see them open a second, larger facility.

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Big Shed Brewing Concern

13/2 Brandwood Street
Royal Park
SA 5014

(08) 8240 5037
Regular events

Bandshirt Sunday Sunday.
Put on your favourite band shirt, see ol' mate behind the bar, order a burger, get a free fancy of froth and chuck on your favourite track from your favourite band.

Open Hours

Wednesday: midday to 6pm
Thursday: midday to 9pm
Friday: midday to 10pm Saturday: midday to 8pm
Sunday: midday to 6pm
(Kitchen closes 1 hour beforehand on all days)

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Big Shed Brewing Concern Regulars

Big Shed Brewing Boozy Fruit NEIPA

Tapped July 13th, 2018
It was a stinking hot day in the Royal Park brewery, with the Big Shed heating up quickly. The brewhouse there is a pretty manual affair and the brewers’ clothes were drenched with sweat. Being a good boss, co-founder Craig Basford nipped out to the local shops to grab some Frosty Fruit ice blocks to cool the brewers down. The idea sparked a conversation:, “Let’s have a crack at a Frosty Fruit style beer for GABS.” The rest is history, with the Big Shed crew taking out the 2018 GABS People's… Read more
50 IBU

Big Shed Brewing KolsChisel

Tapped August 31st, 2015
The arch-punsters at Adelaide's Big Shed have been it again with their latest release – and may have outdone even themselves. For their take on the German Kolsch style – released in a very limited number of kegs earlier in 2015 but now out in bottles too – they've given it a good 'ol Aussie reworking that offers a nod to the rockers from their hometown that goes beyond the name KolsChisel. Take a close look at the artwork on the label and you'll spot Jimmy Barnes' headband and a microphone… Read more
25 IBU

Big Shed Brewing Concern

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Big Shed Brewing Golden Stout Time

Tapped July 21st, 2015
Our first port of call at this year's GABS in Melbourne was to say hello to Jason and Craig at the Big Shed stall (and try a glass of their Fresh Yeah APA if memory serves correctly). At the time, they were rather excited about the prospects for their GABS beer in the People's Choice vote. Their take on the Golden Gaytime ice cream was bringing lots of: "Wow! It really does taste like a Golden Gaytime!" gasps from drinkers and was scoring well too. In the end, the beer ended up polling… Read more
Sweet Stout

Now a year round release available wherever you find Big Shed Brewing

Big Shed Brewing Californicator

A colourfully packaged beer even by the standards of a brewing company making a name for itself with its colourfully packaged beers: the Californicator comes complete with a pair of grizzlies* riding a pink surfboard while indulging in reproductive activities. It's a bold statement, and one that's suitable given the beer that's inside. Paler than the other two hop forward, US-inspired beers in their core range (F-Yeah APA and FrankenBROWN), it's also rather bigger at 7.5 percent and certainly hoppier.… Read more
West Coast IPA

Big Shed Brewing FrankenBROWN

We were lucky enough to be present when the very first keg of Big Shed's first ever commercially released beer, FrankenBROWN, was tapped as it was being poured at The Wheaty on the same day The Crafty Pint was hosting an IPA Blind Tasting. That said, when we say "lucky", it was a luck that has to be qualified somewhat as the guys had filled the keg rather earlier than planned for the day so the FrankenBROWN wasn't quite ready and thus was rather rough around the edges: a Franken-FrankenBROWN… Read more
American Brown Ale

Big Shed Brewing F-Yeah APA

The F-Yeah APA is one of the two beers with which Big Shed launched and is pretty much as pointed a statement as you'll find about their intentions. For one there's the in yer face name, and then there's the hop heavy hit of the beer itself. The Big Shed boys are avowed lovers of American beers, particularly of the hoppy kind, and their APA isn't afraid to be as big and bold as you might expect from a beer with such an inspiration. So while it's tagged their "everyday ale" it still tips… Read more
American Pale Ale

Big Shed Brewing Concern Specials

Big Shed Brewing Eton Mess

Tapped January 16th, 2019
Big Shed looked overseas for ideas when it came to their latest dessert inspired beer and it's resulted in quite a mess: an Eton Mess. Originating in England, the story goes that, during a 19th century cricket game when Eton were playing Harrow, the tea time snack of strawberries and cream pudding was dropped on the ground. Not to be thwarted, the scraps were scooped up off the floor and jammed into individual bowls, with strawberries, meringue and cream combined as one. How's that work as a beer,… Read more
Strawberry NEIPA

Big Shed The Shirt Front Russian Imperial Stout

Tapped July 19th, 2018
Taken literally, a shirt front is exactly that: the front of one’s shirt. However, used as a verb, it describes the action of charging into someone head on. In 2014, then Prime Minister Tony Abbott promised to shirt front Russian President Vladimir Putin, a rather comical promise that hasn’t been forgotten by the Big Shed crew (and which stands in stark contrast to the approach another world "leader" has been taking to the Bear in recent times). Thus it was that when they wanted to… Read more
Imperial Coffee Stout

Big Shed & Doctor's Orders Dr Shedlove: The Final Chapter

Tapped July 1st, 2018
Sweet potatoes, yams and taros, carrots and now, in 2018, beetroots and parsnips. Such is the progression of root vegetables used in the Dr Shedlove collaborations between Big Shed and Darren "Doctor's Orders" Robinson over the years. Doc touched down in Adelaide earlier this year for one last hurrah, with the final chapter featuring 50 kilograms of beetroot and 100 kilograms of parsnips and taking on the the appearance of a white stout, in other words one that's IPA like in appearance… Read more
Beetroot & Parsnip White Stout

Big Shed & Doctor's Orders Dr Shedlove 2017

Tapped July 24th, 2017
It's rabbit season at Big Shed Brewing Concern after Darren "Doctor’s Orders" Robinson responded to a "What's up, Doc?" and hopped in to help Jason Harris and Craig Basford create the 2017 vintage of the Dr Shedlove series. It's one of the – if not the – most unlikely of ongoing collaborations: every year a different root vegetable is used within a beer. For 2017, the trio decided to add 250kg of carrots to an imperial stout. The carrots weren't alone in finding their way… Read more
Imperial Carrot Stout

Big Shed & Doctor's Orders Dr Shedlove 2016

Tapped August 17th, 2016
Last year saw the release of the first Dr Shedlove collaboration, an imperial stout saison behemoth conceived by Darren (Doc) Robinson from Doctor’s Orders and Big Shed's Craig Basford and Jason Harris. They said it would become an annual tradition, and so it is proving. And it's a rather unusual tradition as each year they've vowed to feature a different root vegetable. This time yam and taro take centre stage with with more 250kg peeled, cut and mashed in for this 9 percent ABV beer. The Shedlove… Read more
Belgian Imperial Vegetable Stout

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Big Shed Brewing Concern Jetty Jumper

Tapped January 18th, 2016
Summer's here and when it hits Adelaide it can be pretty fierce. Indeed, when it hits the Big Shed Brewing Concern, as it did on The Crafty Pint's first visit to their Royal Park home, it can feel fiercer still, what with their home being inside a big shed full of beer-making machinery. As such, it's easy to imagine the team there sweating through another day and craving something refreshing they can put away in volume without doing too much to knock them sideways. Which is where Jetty Jumper comes… Read more
Mid Strength

Big Shed Brewing Concern

Sweet Amber Brew Cafe

Ancient World, Adelaide

Others (including Sydney venues) TBC

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Big Shed Brewing Dr Shedlove 2015 Vintage

Tapped July 23rd, 2015
They come up with good names for their beers do the guys at Big Shed. Admittedly, if you're not aware of the Sellers / Kubrick classic Dr Strangelove you may well think this one is a reference to the sort of passion that would make the subject of a late night doco on SBS 2. It isn't. Although when you discover just what it is, the mind may boggle regardless. Dr Shedlove is the title of a beer brewed in collaboration with Sydney's arch-collaborator Darren "Doctor's Orders" Robinson. So far,… Read more
Imperial Sweet Potato Stout Saison

Big Shed Brewing

Archer North Adelaide

Royal Oak - North Adelaide

Burger Republic Hyde Park

Goodwood Cellars

Austin & Austin

Bottlo Lambton

Leura Cellars

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Big Shed Brewing Fresh Yeah 2015

Tapped April 28th, 2015
The Big Shed brewers have been getting into the fresh hop spirit. But rather than create a brand new beer to celebrate the new season's harvest, they've decided to put a fresh spin on one of their core beers. Fresh Yeah takes their F-Yeah APA and throws a bunch of freshly delivered hops at it. The result is a beer that's been relocated from the States with the Amarillo hop of the original replaced with Tassie-grown Galaxy. According to the boys, they "carefully took steps to get the fresh Galaxy… Read more
American Pale Ale

Big Shed Brewing Concern

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